To safeguard the health of all our guests we reserve the right to refuse admission to any cat showing signs of ill health on arrival. 


A current vaccination certificate must be produced for all cats prior to / upon arrival. No cat will be accepted without an up to date certificate for Infectious Enteritis and Feline Influenza. Cats / kittens must have completed their primary course of vaccinations at least 2 weeks prior to boarding (1st dose, 3 week gap, 2nd dose, then 2 weeks to build up immunity), this is for first vaccinations only. Cats which are already fully vaccinated can have their annual booster at any time prior to their stay as long as it is within the last 12 months.  We do not accept titre test certificates or homoeopathic vaccinations.


ALL cats must be recently treated with a quality flea product. Please consult your Vet for advice. An effective flea management programme requires treatment by a vet-recommended formula every 4-5 weeks. If your cat is not on a regular flea treatment programme, please apply a flea treatment a few days before your cat comes to holiday with us.


All cats are checked and observed daily for general health and wellbeing. If your cat becomes unwell while they are staying with us, we will make contact with you, or your nominated contact, if you are away and not contactable. We will use our judgement and call a vet if necessary (see T’s & C’s). We have 24 hour vet cover, and will act on their advice. We will of course keep you or your nominated contact informed and updated regarding your feline companion. We are happy to administer medication to your cat if required, please discuss this with us when booking. The medication will need to be brought in its original packaging, complete with the label from your veterinary surgery. You will be asked to complete a medication form.