We have 19 beautiful warm timber chalets in a range of sizes suitable for one to four cats sharing (from the same family). Our chalets are insulated and thermostatically heated, so they are warm and cosy through the colder months, and comfortably cooler during our warm summer days.

Each chalet contains an insulated and heated bedroom with large shelves and comfy bedding for sleeping. Steps to the sleeping shelves can be provided for elderly or young cats as required. There is a window in the bedroom, so that cats can view what’s going on outside, whilst staying in the quiet and warm of the bedroom if they wish. This also helps staff keep an eye on cats without disturbing them if they are settled. There is a cat flap from the bedroom into the exercise area.

The excercise run is solely for the cat/s in that particular chalet, i.e. they cannot have access to any other cats, and each run has full height sneeze barriers to stop the spread of any viruses. The exercise area contains a scratching post and scratching board, litter tray, perching shelf and chair so that cats can exercise and jump around the different levels and choose their favourite resting place.

We also provide daily toys / activities for the cats so that they can burn off some energy as required. The exercise runs have a roof so that cats are protected from the elements, and there is also a wide safety corridor outside each chalet to prevent any cats from escaping. The chalet’s overlook bird feeders and plants so the cats are often entertained watching birds and butterlies.

Every cat is checked on regularly throughout the day to ensure they are happy, safe and healthy. Everything is monitored including their eating and drinking habits, the contents of the litter tray, their health, and general demeanour. We get to know your cat during their stay with us and learn their likes  and dislikes, giving different types of fuss, strokes, cuddles, grooming etc as per each cat’s individual preferences.

We supply bedding, scratch posts, and enrichment toys as standard i.e. included within our daily charge. Owners are welcome however to bring bedding, toys, scratching posts, treats etc from home as sometimes this can help cats to settle quicker if they are surrounded by familiar items and smells.

Every chalet is cleaned daily, and litter trays cleaned at least twice daily. Our chalet’s also have piped music to help entertain and sooth our feline guests. All of our litter trays, beds, bedding and toys are thoroughly disinfected in between each guest, so you can be sure that your cat is in a clean, safe environment.


We are able to cater for every feline palate, no matter how selective or particular your cat may be. In general, adult cats are given two meals daily, served morning and evening. Kittens and elderly cats are fed according to their individual needs. All meals are included within the daily charge. We ordinarily stock the following wet foods: Applaws / Whiskas / Felix / Sheba / Gourmet. In addition we have top quality complete dried foods: Hills Science Diet / James Wellbeloved / Royal Canin / Purina. We also have a selection of fresh foods, usually: cooked chicken / coley fish / ham and turkey slices / tinned tuna and pilchards.


If your cat is on a special diet that is supplied by your Vet, it will be necessary for you to bring this with your cat, so that we can continue with their prescribed diet whilst they are with us. In addition, we welcome any treats or titbits that will encourage your cat to settle in quickly.


We will monitor your cat/s eating habits and ensure that they don’t go hungry. If they are in a particularly fussy mood, we will tempt them with something.


It’s best not to feed your cat/s prior to travelling. We will offer your cat a meal on arrival which will help them to settle in.


We are happy to collect your cat/s from home and deliver them back to you by prior arrangement.


We do require at least 24 hours notice for this service, so please do discuss this with us in advance. Due to our opening hours, there may be particular times of day that it will not be possible to oblige, but in general we do try to accommodate your wishes. There is a fee of £1.50 for each mile travelled for the collection\delivery service.



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       Sundays & Bank Holidays 2pm to 6pm


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